This past weekend was one for the books. I revisited Taylor Maid Farms, this time for Jonathan's second retreat of the year (Shasta was the first). The yoga was strong, the stars were bright and the magic was palpable. I have returned to The Real World (which is not a separate world) with a renewed sense of the present moment's potential. And let me tell you: I've got plans, baby. Big plans.

Retreat highlights:

  • The enchanted land we were on, a hilly expanse of mossy forrest and curvy vineyards
  • The farm-fresh food, especially the woodfire-baked pizzas!!!
  • Reading and writing in the outdoor hanging bed
  • Exploring the neighboring woods and farms
  • Hearing and smelling the rain in the dark early morning from my yurt
  • Trying "bulletproof" heavy-smooth supercoffee. We used salted butter instead of unsalted so it was a bit like drinking buttered toast but not terrible. I felt pretty invincible for a few hours after drinking it. Coffee machine and MCT oil already ordered upon my return.
  • The outdoor shower (and the giant slug I met in it)
  • The bonfire jam sessions
  • Pranayama in the shivery mornings
  • Realizing my own physical power. One of the reasons I love yoga asana is that it makes me feel strong, but not all teachers emphasize strength much and none have helped me find my strength like Jonathan has!
  • Last but not least - an epic lucid dream (in tradition with last year's). More to come on this.

I'll never forget this weekend.