This post is less about the universe and more about the existence of universal truths (defined here as scientific absolutes), but the cosmos will play a big role. AND I wanted to use that quote. If you think Carl Sagan - rest in peace - is kind of amazing, read on. If you don't know who Carl Sagan is, do yourself a favor and get acquainted before we continue: 

Gravity. The Golden Ratio. Hubble's Law of Cosmic Expansion.

Universal truths exist, and I believe they exist as part of a collective consciousness. This is not to be confused with Carl #2, father of analytical psychology Carl Jung's "collective unconscious," which refers to the sum reservoir of experience inherited and identical in each being. Rather, I'm referring to the idea that we evolve mentally and spiritually as a collective (though not necessarily progressively in all aspects at all times.) (Some yogis even believe that the cosmos are the physical manifestation of this collective consciousness, ever growing, ever changing.)

If universal truths exist as part of our collective consciousness, they are accessible to all. Their revelation is not exclusive to savant scientists and mathematicians. These truths, instead, are at the tips of our collective fingers. 

We all have the potential to access them through dreams, for example, as Giordano Bruno did in the late 1500's when he glimpsed truth at a time when it was held as law that the earth was the center of the universe. Not a scientist, Bruno was just a man searching for answers. With no regard to scientific "worthiness," answers came to Bruno in a lucid dream: the earth is not the center of the universe and our sun is but one of a multitude of stars. (He was burned at the stake for defending this radical-at-the-time claim, which we, of course, now know to be fact.) 

Multiple discovery further supports the existence of universal truths. Multiple discovery is the phenomenon in which scientists (or mathematicians, artists, etc.) simultaneously converge on the same reality-shaking breakthroughs while working independently, often on opposite ends of the earth. The discovery (or maybe rather "uncovery") of calculus is one famous case. Why does multiple discovery happen? I believe it's simply a matter of the time becoming ripe for one universal truth or another to bubble to the top of our collective consciousness, sometimes manifested through more than one individual.

So universal truths exist as part of our collective consciousness. What does this mean for the aspiring yogis and mind-masters among us (and everyone else for that matter)? It means we have the power (through dreams, yoga and meditation) to tap into absolute knowledge without necessarily conducting first-hand research. If we can pay attention and keep our hearts and minds open, we will be ready for receiving the truths we need (and want) to know. The point is: they're already within. 

A still more glorious dawn awaits!