Last night I finally had another lucid dream after three weeks of nightly dream incubation and daily reality checks. I can't say for certain why last night was successful, but it may be because I went to bed later than usual (I was up thinking about this blog) and so fell into a deeper sleep as a result. The period of lucidity itself was brief, but it was long enough for me to conduct an important check.

In my dream I found myself in a car with my family. We were driving around a beautiful island (that, in my dream, I believed was in Japan or perhaps the Philippines). My dad was at the wheel and began driving out of control on the wrong side of the road and up a bank. My nervousness quickly escalated to terror, which may have triggered my lucidity. "Hey, this is a dream!" I realized, and immediately decided to steady the course with my thoughts (which worked, even though another character was physically manipulating the vehicle).

Then deja vu came over me. I felt I may have been to this place before in another dream. I remembered I had spent my first visit, over a year ago, joyfully exploring one hidden section of the coast as if I were in a wonderland experiencing existence for the very first time. Every structure, every object I noticed there seemed like a surprise planted just for me to marvel at. Thus I was thrilled when it dawned on me I might be returning after so long.

My lucid self decided to verify, so I left the car and approached a corner around which I knew my magic dreamscape would be if I was indeed returning to the same place. Lo and behold, it was there, right where I left it (though this time inexplicably with the addition of a lion). I took my time walking down the street in a state of bliss, absorbing the wonders returning to me, then decided to wake myself up so I could remember what had just happened: the discovery of a personal universal truth.