Imagine it's the break of dawn and we're standing in the middle of nowhere.

Together, we connect through our breathing and the vibrations of the earth below us. Overhead, the mass of stars begins to fade as the sky gets lighter. What was black is now magenta and blue and peach and pink. We raise up our arms to salute the sun rising from behind the regal mountains which surround us, snow still frosting their tips. Blades of grass are shimmering with fresh dew at our feet. We aren't in a valley in Wyoming. We're actually within the four painted walls of my future yoga studio, Mount Yoga. And class has just begun. I look around at my students: their intentions are strong and their energy is palpable. There's nowhere I'd rather be. This is what I dream about before I drift off to sleep these days.

I thought I'd be sick to death of yoga by now but in fact it's quite the opposite. As the non-yoga hours of my life flip like the pages of a book before me, try as I might to live in the moment, some part of me is ever yearning for my next vinyasa flow or teacher training session or Bhagavad Gita chapter. But even as I'm being flattened between my corporate inbox and the clock, I'm at peace knowing I always have energetic Mondays with Kerri to look forward to, as well as strengthening Tuesdays with Jonathan, scientific Saturdays with Sean, and rejuvenating Sundays with Julie. And while I'm looking forward to these classes I can hold myself over by perfecting the playlist I'm creating for the first few classes of my own. (Looking for guinea pigs for these by the way - get at me if bored and curious!) 

Yoga continues to bring me joy on joy. And - the thing is - I never have to worry about this joy running out! That's because yoga's gifts come from a bottomless well. How can this be? 

Kerri put it into words for me this past Monday evening at the Portrero Hill Yoga Tree. Her challenge for us that night was to forget our manic Mondays and instead bring our "Friday energy" to our work on the mat. It was a sweaty, slow-paced, endurance-testing 90 minutes. But instead of forcing ourselves into every pose "Monday style," we deliberately let our Friday hearts pull us through. This made all the difference. I felt the stress and agitation float off my body layer by layer as the minutes passed and the sun set outside. And at the end of it, just before our final meditation, Kerri said, "Notice how you feel right now." I felt amazing. We sat in stillness for a few moments. Then she said, "Remember that you don't need anything to feel this way. There is nothing outside yourself, no material thing that can ever do this for you." She was right. The "yoga glow" can't be bought, but it can easily be accessed.

Through yoga we develop the ability to tap into our own awareness, and thus the power of the universe at large. This is a skill that one can continue to develop over a lifetime and the more you learn, the less you realize you know. There is always more work to be done in yoga, and, beautifully, the goal is the work itself. Yoga isn't about achievement. It's about commitment. And it's available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Even bodies aren't necessary (remember, physical "asana" yoga is only one of eight limbs) - just bring your soul. 

I don't know about you, but I'm already packed and ready to go! But don't worry, there's enough for everyone. And it will never run out.