It's that time again! Time to set your resolve.

As you may have read, last year my big New Year's resolution was to give up drinking. Entirely. And for the first five months of the year -- beginning cold-turkey in the middle of a vacation to Belize which happened to straddle January 1st -- I actually did. For five months, with the help of a partner who willfully joined me in my efforts, I was nice and sober. Never hungover, and with newfound time and energy, I felt amazing.

But to be honest, I never stopped missing the special treat feeling of having a drink with dinner or the taste of a cold picnic beer on a hot Saturday. So around June, without making myself bad or wrong for it, I gave in to the siren call of all Dolores Park has to offer and began having a drink here and there again. That being said, all year, I never once got drunk. And though I'm technically back on the wagon, as a result of the endeavor I never feel like I "need" a drink anymore, which is wonderfully freeing, and I've expanded my tolerance for reality, no matter how boring or awkward or stressful or even painful it can sometimes be. 

So that's a quick look at how I did and what I learned in 2017. (I learned I can do hard things and I can give myself a break too.) Now it's time to look ahead.

I have three resolutions for 2018 (in addition to taking on another five months of sobriety, after returning from India).

First, I resolve to journal at least once a week and record my dreams every morning in the service of self-study, personal growth, leaving a record, and more lucid dreams. While meditation helps develop greater awareness, it's not the place for hands-on processing, which I think is just as important as learning to see the bigger picture. Journaling is my favorite way to process (besides working with my coach). And recording dreams is the best way to increase lucid dream frequency and clarity. I used to be great about both, but it's time to reinstate the habit.

Second, I resolve to take on a home yoga asana practice at least twice a week. In the last year or two, I've been practicing at home way less often than I used to, mainly because I'm in love with too many yoga teachers in San Francisco and I value the community public classes offer. However, nothing can compare to home practice if you want to develop your own personal style (and I do). My inspiration for this resolution came from this yogini I discovered on Instagram. Self-taught, she's been practicing yoga for less than three years, yet she comes up with flows so creative I have to rewatch her videos multiple times just to grasp how she gets from one pose to another. I'm convinced it's because she's her own teacher. With a renewed focus on home practice, I look forward to unlocking my own inner creativity and taking my personal practice to the next level.

Finally, in service of becoming a better coach, I resolve to more fully embrace my own goddess nature and step into my divine femininity. For many years now, I've thought my power lied in my masculine qualities -- in being tough, blunt, and aggressive. I've been rejecting anything gentle or soft (or even easy). But I'm starting to realize I've been missing the point. And now I'm ready to open more fully to openness itself -- to trusting deeply in life herself and what she wants to do through me each day. This means nurturing my intuition and cultivating greater heart in the way I show up. Less edge, more curve, even though that sounds rather terrifying to me. It's time to learn how to melt. (Specific practices for this welcome!)

So that's what I'll be up to next year. Now what are your New Year's resolutions? I'd love to know! Feel free to message me or share them in the comments below. And if you haven't set yours yet, check out my 3 tips for New Year's resolutions here.