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"I've experienced a number of life-transforming breakthroughs thanks to my coaching with Ekat. I've become more empowered around my health and wellbeing, less materially-focused, and more confident at work. Ekat helped make me dig deep into my goals to get at the essence of what I really wanted then helped me cultivate smart new habits needed to make my dreams my reality. I couldn't be happier with my results."

-Krish, San Francisco


"My partnership with Ekat far exceeded my expectations. Our coaching put me on the right track, while empowering me to unapologetically embrace who I am, and I’m more excited than ever for the next chapter in my career and in my relationships. With Ekat, I never felt confined or embarrassed to open up and speak freely about what I was feeling and explore what I really wanted. With my hectic life in NYC I always felt relieved and lighter after we had our sessions,  ready to conquer everything that I cared about but had been putting on the back burner.  Ekat exposed me to many different perspectives, books, life-hacks, etc. that changed how I approach both my day-to-day and desired future, and I’m so grateful to have worked with her!"

-Kat, New York City


"Ekat truly goes above and beyond with those who she coaches. Her passion and commitment to creating a judgement free, friendly atmosphere is very evident from Day 1. Her coaching helped me create clarity around what I truly want and got me to take powerful action towards making it happen. I am more excited & involved in my own day to day, and have embarked on a new journey to creating deeply satisfying relationships thanks to our coaching partnership." 

-Caroline, San Francisco


anything is possible.

Take a huge inhale. Then relax completely as you let it go.

Now imagine the life of your dreams for a few minutes, as vividly as you can. Seriously. Do it. You can close your eyes or not, but don't read on until you've done this exercise. And be sure to really drink it in.





Now answer the following questions:

In your dream life, where do see yourself?

What are you doing?

Who are you with?

What do your days look like?

And how do you FEEL? 



Now ask yourself, "Why don't I have that life already? What's holding me back?"...and watch as the excuses arise. 


What if you could break down every single thing holding you back and really have that life -- not just "someday," but very soon? What if you could live life from your essential nature (AKA "best self") 95%+ of the time? Well, guess what? You absolutely can. And I'd love to support you in creating it all. 


If this hits home and you'd like to give coaching a try (or know somebody who would), please shoot me an email with your phone number and good times to chat. I'll follow up soon!

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